Injustice 2 Introduces Scarecrow

News // Injustice 2 // By pets_torrefranca // 13 April 2017

Injustice 2 Introduces Scarecrow

One of the Dark Knight's most formidable foes finally got his introduction trailer as he enters the Injustice 2 arena. Dr. Jonathan Crane, an accomplished biochemist and a psychologist better known as Scarecrow utilizes a biochemical weapon called the fear-gas which induces fear to his opponents through hallucinations.   

Considered to be one of the masters of ranged combat in Injustice 2, Dr. Jonathan Crane is one of those villains you don't want to mess with. This character is equipped with a retractable sickle that can extend up to more than half of the game screen and his sweep covers a lot of grounds. He can also teleport to the other side of the screen during a tight situation. And finally, Scarecrow has one of the most stylish super moves in the Injustice 2 roster which ends in him smashing his opponent towards his own grave. Check out the gallery and trailer below for more information.


"Injustice 2 Introducing Scarecrow"

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