Farpoint Story Trailer Shows A Promising Full-Length Campaign For The PSVR

News // Farpoint // By pets_torrefranca // 19 April 2017

Farpoint Story Trailer Shows A Promising Full-Length Campaign For The PSVR
For those PlayStation VR owners who are fed-up with those VR demos and $20 VR games that only takes an hour to clear, Farpoint could be the PlayStation VR game you have been waiting for. Farpoint is the first project of Impulse Gear. The company may be new but its core team boasts 40 years worth of experience in the development of both AAA console titles and mobile games. The team first showcased Farpoint at E3 2015 as a demo without a title except for the company's trademark, it was only during E3 2016 that this PlayStation VR exclusive got its title.
The game's plot follows the exploits of the survivors of an expedition team who were marooned on a hostile alien planet after their mission was compromised by a space anomaly. The player's objective is to search for survivors and explore the secrets of the planet. After six months since the launch of the PlayStation VR, most of the games developed for the system are like a bunch of demos, except for Resident Evil 7 which what could be the only full-length single player campaign playable on the PSVR. 
Farpoint will be available in both digital and retail versions, it is also the first game bundled with the PlayStation Aim Controller. 
Check out the story trailer below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming updates.  

"Farpoint Story Trailer"

Source: PlayStation, Giantbomb, ImpulseGear