Shattered Alliances Trailer Acquaints Brainiac With Injustice 2 Roster!

News // Injustice 2 // By pets_torrefranca // 20 April 2017

Shattered Alliances Trailer Acquaints Brainiac With Injustice 2 Roster!
The final chapter of the Shattered Alliances series introduces what could be the baddest villain to enter the Injustice universe. The Collector of Worlds A.K.A Brainiac was teased last Tuesday on the game's official Twitter page and was announced sometime in January this year.
Brainiac is considered to be Superman's most dangerous foes. He's described as a being driven by pure and unwavering logic aside from being extremely intelligent, as per DC's character description.  
The latest trailer answers the footage of Batman and Superman standing inside the Justice League headquarters. Brainiac enters planet Earth along with his army of Terminauts looking for his mortal enemy Superman. This may have caused each and every shattered alliance in the Injustice 2 universe to unite in order to defeat this threat. Another possibility is that the appearance of this supervillain could either jeopardize or improve the odds of Grodd's newly formed Society. These are just speculations about the game's plot.  
Check out the trailer below and the character reveals of Scarecrow and Poison Ivy.
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