Guilty Gear Rev. 2 New Details Revealed

News // Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 // By pets_torrefranca // 09 March 2017

Guilty Gear Rev. 2 New Details Revealed

Details for the upcoming expansion update for Guilty Gear Revelator has just been released. Guilty Gear Rev. 2 will prove to be more than just an expansion with the massive amount of improvements, mini-games, story details and much more. 

We have compiled all of these in the table below. 


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 Features


    • Guilty Gear is known for its in-depth story mode, the details, soundtracks, and characters are carefully constructed to create some of the best campaigns in the fighting game genre.
    • Guilty Gear Rev 2 picks up the story after the events of Revelator. The new story will be presented in the form of episodic scenarios. The story will not only feature the continuation of Sol Badguy's battles but will also include story episodes pf Saya, Raven, Shenzen,, Disney, Umeba, and Answer. It also states that the player needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the previous story in order to understand the new story.


  • Tutorial
    • Guilty Gear Rev 2 will feature a brand new way of educating noobs. One tutorial is presented in the form of a mini-game which involves popping balloons and getting rid of landmines.
    • Versus and MOM mode will still be present

  • Training
    • A new Training mode will is also present wherein the player can practice while changing setting and situations according to his preference.

  • Combo
    • The combo is another training feature designed to educate players on how to execute those continuous attacks and techniques.

  • Mission
    • A training feature that's designed to test what the player has learned so far.

  • Fishing
    • A new feature which lets the character fish for items. This activity can be executed through the use of the in-game currency called "World Doll."
  • R Code
    • A new feature which acts like a customizable business card.
  • Avatar
    • A new 3D avatar has been added to make communication more fun.
  • Gallery
    • A collection of images and recorded voices in the game.
  • Replay Theater
    • A new replay theater has been added into the game.
  • Digital Figure Mode
    • A feature wherein players can arrange and customize characters
  • The game also has an improved online mode

Guilty Gear Rev. 2 looks more like a proper sequel rather than an update, Arc System Works has put a lot of work and content into this installment which makes the Revelator series even more amazing.  The game is scheduled to hit stores on May 25, 2017. 
Stay tuned for more gaming updates.  

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Source: ArcSystemWorks, Gematsu