Dragon Quest Heroes II Introduced Its 7th Batch of Heroes

News // Dragon Quest Heroes II // By pets_torrefranca // 22 April 2017

Dragon Quest Heroes II Introduced Its 7th Batch of Heroes

Three characters who made their debut in Dragon Quest IV were featured in the seventh part of Dragon Quest Heroes II's character introduction trailers. Alena, Kiryl, and Torneko just like the other characters appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the field.  

A quick glance at Torneko will tell you that this character is some kind of a traveling merchant. His large green backpack and his huge physique resemble that of an experienced traveler. He carries with him an abacus-like-staff, crossbows, and a trumpet for his special attack. 

Alena the Tsarevna wears a pointed hat and a cape which resembles that of a female wizard, which she is not. Alena uses martial arts to inflict damage to her opponents. She can also perform a devastating special attack called the "great ball of fire".

Kiryl who's described in the trailer as the advanced lancer is a loyal protector of the Tsarevna Alena. He uses his lance to inflict damage. This character is also a priest which means he can cast both holy and dark spells. 


Check oout the trailer below to see the heroes in action and stay tuned for gaming updates.   

"Dragon Quest Heroes II |Meet The Heroes Part VII"

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