Update: EVO Tekken Entrants Shows More Than 100% Increase Rate, And Still Counting

Tournament // News // Tekken 7 // By pets_torrefranca // 29 June 2017

Update: EVO Tekken Entrants Shows More Than 100% Increase Rate, And Still Counting
Tekken is definitely showing an impressive increase in audience since the launch of Tekken 7, one of the best examples of this improvement is the increasing number of entrants in this year's EVO. Compared to last year's 542, this year's number of entrants has now risen to more than 1K based on the congratulatory tweet by EVO CEO Joey Cuellar. Registration is still live up until 23:59 on Friday, June 30. 
Tekken's strategy of releasing Fated Retribution first can be considered as one of the major factors which contributed to Tekken 7's success. Tekken 7 FR provided the necessary data the development team needs in order to create one of the franchise's finest installment to date. The recent adjustment and balance changes were cleverly designed both entice new audience while maintaining the same skill-based gameplay principles which serve as the main core of the entire franchise. Tekken 7 also is totally poor in its "Luck" department making each match totally unpredictable and these factors make Tekken fun and challenging at the same time.
Another factor which greatly contributes to this increase in participants could be the Tekken World Tour which offers a series of organized events leading to one final showdown  which ensures a bigger cash payout, but to a competitive gamer, winning the world's largest fighting game tournament is the ultimate achievement, the prizes and payouts are just added bonus.  
The winner of Tekken in EVO will automatically qualify for the Tekken World Tour Finals.
Congratulations to Tekken and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.     

Source: TwitterTekkenWorldTour