Dragon Quest XI, A Symphony For The Human Psyche

News // Dragon Quest XI // By pets_torrefranca // 30 June 2017

Dragon Quest XI, A Symphony For The Human Psyche
Interesting details related to the upcoming installment to Square's Dragon Quest franchise were recently published through the Japanese PlayStation Blog and it contains some notable features related to the game's features. The PS Blog's article showcased some of Dragon Quest XI's notable features that will make any RPG enthusiast's experience worthwhile. 
Capture of Dragon Quest XI Environment
Dragon Quest XI features a unique adventure wrapped up in a highly detailed environment designed to up the level of the player's experience. The game was designed like a beautiful symphony being played by an orchestra with the player as the conductor. The characters are designed to possess realistic expressions and gestures to establish an emotional connection with the player, this connection is then enhanced by the highly detailed environment loaded with a wide variety of locations. 
Capture of Dragon Quest XI battle
The game also provides two different styles in tackling a battle. The first option called the "Free Move Battle" provides the freedom of changing positions and character viewpoint. The "Auto Camera Battle" is the opposite/automatic version of the first one. The game also features a casino wherein the player can spin some slots earn some coins and just relax after a battle. 
After 31 years and 11 installments, the Dragon Quest title still features that unique gameplay and adventure sought out by hardcore RPG fans. The game's core design still creates that unique and exciting sensation of satisfaction, curiosity, and excitement that tickles and transports the player into an imaginary world of mystery and wonder that's both challenging and fun at the same time. 
Dragon Quest XI is scheduled to launch on July 29, in the meantime check out the latest trailer for the game below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.    

"Dragon Quest XI Trailer"

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