Update: Tekken World Tour Online Will Be Getting A Relaunch

Tournament // News // Tekken 7 // By pets_torrefranca // 01 July 2017

Update: Tekken World Tour Online Will Be Getting A Relaunch
Tekken World Tour's online tournament gets postponed and will be relaunched. The date and information of relaunch remain undisclosed by the organizers.The reasons given for the said postponement was the total overhaul of the TWT Online Tournament scene according to the official notice posted on the game's official web page (see transcript below).
With the incredible interest in TEKKEN at EVO 2017 and the ever growing TEKKEN community worldwide, we’ve decided to relaunch the TEKKEN World Tour Online Tournaments to give the expanding player base more time to come together and hone their skills online. We’re developing the TWT Online Tournament scene from the ground up and want to ensure it shines for all players. Please stay tuned to the TEKKEN social channels for all new dates and announcements.
Thank you!
Other factors which are being considered as the reason for the relaunch could be the recently patched issues involving the game's online mode. All announced online events are now considered canceled and will possibly get a later schedule in the coming weeks after EVO 2017 but this is just a wild guess. We will be monitoring this issue and will provide updates for the postponed event. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.     

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