Amazon UK's Scalper-Proof Ordering System, A Remedy Too Late?!

News // SNES // By pets_torrefranca // 04 July 2017

Amazon UK
With the issue of scalpers taking advantage of Nintendo's limited stock for their mini-consoles, Amazon UK has devised a scheme that will impose one order per customer of the upcoming console. Amazon UK has been busy sending emails to people who have pre-ordered multiple SNES minis informing them that they will receive only one unit. A sample of the said e-mail has been posted in an article by Eurogamer which can be seen below. 
Capture of Amazon UK Notification Email
This system should have been done earlier before the said product was announced to prevent the ridiculously priced SNES listing of scalpers on Ebay. It's such a shame that some people take advantage of such item, and maybe Nintendo should make more of the units to prevent these type activities. It kinda' looks like these practices are being encouraged just to make their re-launched items more desirable. Whatever their reason is, it's a win-win situation but not for the consumers, a win for Nintendo and a win for the Scalpers. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.  

Source: Eurogamer