Update: Pokemon Go Yields More Than 1.2 Billion In Revenue

News // Pokemon GO // By pets_torrefranca // 04 July 2017

Update: Pokemon Go Yields More Than 1.2 Billion In Revenue
The epic Pokemon GO fever which started in the summer of last year is still pretty much alive. Most people thought that the fire has died down but Niantic says otherwise. 
The latest update of the augmented reality version of catching those cute mutated monsters has passed the 1 billion mark according to an article by Gamasutra. This was based on the report by Apptopia who said to have an estimate of the mobile apps revenue of more than 1.2 billion dollars. Part of the report also states that Pokemon GO's download has now reached to more than 752 million since launched and Niantic added that there is a total of 65 million active users worldwide which is still a lot for a rumored dying app.
Well, one thing's for sure, Pokemon GO is very much alive and with the upcoming console and handheld games of the franchise (Pokken Tournament DX, Pokemon Ultra Sun, and Pokemon Ultra Moon) it's no doubt that the mobile app will be around for many more months or even years to come. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.  

Source: Gamasutra