Echo Fox JDCR Wins REV Major 2017, Gets A Much Deserved Handshake!

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 09 July 2017

Echo Fox JDCR Wins REV Major 2017, Gets A Much Deserved Handshake!
Team Tekken of Echo Fox has officially dominated the first two Tekken 7 Masters Tournaments with Saint dominating CEO 2017 and JDCR's victory at the recently concluded REV Major 2017. The Grand Finals of REV Major has once again highlighted two of the most notorious rivalries in Tekken, and no, it's not about Saint and JDCR. 
The rivalry between Knee and JDCR has been widely known in the fighting game community, in fact it was said that it has reached up to a point that a professional handshake after a well-played match is not happening, the rivalry was so intense that it looks like both players ignored each other's existence or something like that. 
Capture of JDCR (Left) and Knee's (Right) Handshake
REV Major 2017's Grand Finals may have finally concluded this rivalry, or perhaps have lightened it a bit as Knee finally reached out his hand to JDCR after a very long time. This gesture hyped up the audience and sparked a well-deserved cheer. This could mean that we will be expecting a much healthier competition from both parties in the future. 
Check out the Grand Finals and the Epic Handshake footage below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming updates.      

"REV Major 2017 Grand Finals"

"JDCR and Knee Handshake"



2. Knee
3. Yamasa|Take
4. Kkokkoma
5. FOX|Saint
5. Yamasa|Nobi
7. Dimeback
7. Tsubumi


Source: Juhog81, MELOO, Twitch