First Look: Wild West Online Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

News // Wild West Online // By pets_torrefranca // 11 July 2017

First Look: Wild West Online Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage
A pre-alpha gameplay footage of the PC exclusive Wild West Online by 612 games was recently uploaded on the game's official YouTube page and it looks amazing. The game which was previously mistaken for a Red Dead leak is now on full-throttle and so far everything looks great. 
The gameplay footage showcased some of the notable features of the game like character customization, town activities, the daily news and much more. The 5-minute footage ends with a bounty hunter mission which is part of the game's Crime And Punishment feature. Crime and Punishment as the name suggest pertains to the player's behavior in the game's simulated environment. This means that the player can either become a lawless or a lawful member of the community. A player who frequently misbehaves by committing unlawful acts will gain enough stars that will trigger a bounty placed over his head which can be claimed by licensed bounty hunters. 
Wild West Online By 612 Games
The wrong side of the law, on the other hand also gets a fair treatment within the game. Since a wanted individual cannot just go to any town in the map, the game also features "Outlaw Hideouts" which provides the same services as regular towns. In contrast to bounty hunters and lawmen, the game also provides rewards to unlawful players who can take down officers of the law.
The game is currently available for pre-order which is currently having an early-bird promo that will give early customers discounts and exclusive outfits, gear, and other cosmetic items. The early bird program will be available up until July 20. 
Pre-order the Wild West Online through this LINK.
Check out the gameplay footage below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"Wild West Online Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage"

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