Here Are Some Fixes For PlayStation Update 4.72 Online Status Bug

News // PlayStation 4 // By pets_torrefranca // 12 July 2017

Here Are Some Fixes For PlayStation Update 4.72 Online Status Bug
The PlayStation 4 software update 4.72 which was supposed to improve system performance seems to have given some players a hard time in changing their online status. Basically what's happening is players are getting an error regarding their online status, the error is informing them that they're currently offline and is logged into another device. Another issue is that players cannot change their online status because the option was grayed out (see image below) and others are reverted back to the menu screen if they're trying to access an online game. 
Screenshot of the Online Status Bug 
Some of the players, however, managed to fix the online status issue with the following solutions;
Solution A (Reddit) 
  • Go to "Settings" > PlayStation Network > Log Out and Log back in. 
Solution B (Reddit)
  • Restart the system - although some users shared that the results will vary every time you restart the system. You can either appear online but can't see your friends or offline but can see your online friends 
Solution C (GameFAQs) 
  • Access an online game and change your Online status to by accessing the quick menu, exiting the game. (this fixes the grayed out online option)
Solution D (NeogGaf)  the author of the fix is not sure which of the following worked but his account is said to have been back to normal after doing one of the steps below.
  •  Got Online ticked, by logging out and back in after selecting to appear online.
  •  Rebuilt Database
  •  Logged out again
  •  Switched user (I logged into my US account, then back into my UK account. Not sure if that matters), this gave me the blue circle.
  •  Then logged back in to my main account.
Additional info 
  • The issue is also noted to fix itself after playing online games. 
This is the second issue encountered by the PS4 update, Update 4.71 seems to have caused some consoles were said to have been randomly shutting down by itself and some are having lag issues. The recent update 4.72 was expected to fix those issues but it seems that another issue is popping up. If the solutions presented above won't work you can always contact PlayStation's customer support through this LINK.
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Source: GameFAQs, Reddit, NeoGaf