Star Wars Battlefront II The Confirmed Details So Far...

News // Star Wars Battlefront II // By pets_torrefranca // 24 April 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II The Confirmed Details So Far...
More details pertaining to the recently announced Star Wars Battlefront II is being confirmed by the developers through social media. From the $80 Elite Tropper Deluxe Edition content up to playing as a battle droid, the information keeps coming and we have compiled some of the notable features in the table below.  Please take note that in the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition, only the Star Wars The Last Jedi Heroes won't be unlocked Through gameplay.  


Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition (in-game gear)

    • Can be acquired through purchase (optional)
    • Can be unlocked by playing

Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition Content

    • Star Wars The Last Jedi Heroes – includes outfits for Kylo Ren and Rey based on the upcoming motion picture 

Millennium Falcon and First Order ship upgrades.-  will feature ability modifiers for Han Solo’s ship and an another undisclosed first order ship 

3-Days of Early Access 

Elite Officer Upgrade Pack – features battle command epic ability and the Blurrg-1120 weapon with enhanced grip modification 

Heavy Metal Upgrade Pack – features the Personal Shield Epic ability modifier  and the FWM-B1120 MegaBlaster weapon with barrel vent modification 

Armored Assault Upgrade Pack -  grenade-altering epic ability and the CR-2 weapon with trigger modification    

Master Specialist Upgrade Pack - features Laser Trip Mine epic ability and the  A280-CFE weapon with scope modification 

Weapons (reload)

    • Both cool-down and reloading system will be utilized 

Dedicated Servers

    • Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have dedicated servers

Galactic Conquest

    • Galactic Conquest seems farfetched but there could be a similar feature

B1 Battle Droid

    • Player will have the opportunity to play as a B1 Battle Droid

Class System

    • The game will use a battle system similar to Battlefield.


 More information will be revealed in the coming days so stay tuned and check out the trailer again, for now.

"Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer"

Source: GamesRadar, EAStarWars