Abigail Brawls His Way To Street Fighter V Roster

News // Street Fighter V // By pets_torrefranca // 17 July 2017

Abigail Brawls His Way To Street Fighter V Roster
Street Fighter V's latest character is not your typical fighter who follows a certain discipline, in fact, he is without a doubt has no discipline at all. Abigail is the tallest character in the franchise who towers over the other characters at 8 feet. The character also possesses inhuman strength which can be considered as his main asset. 
His fighting style has no classification, although it can be associated with brawling. Abigail made his debut in a video game called Final Fight who shares the same universe with the Street Fighter franchise. Abigail's strength and height do not slow him down, despite his bulky and tower like appearance, this character can perform various types of fast attacks. 
Check out the character trailer of Abigail below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"SFV: Abigail Reveal Trailer"

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