Update: Atreus Will Be An Essential Combat Extension Of Kratos In God Of War

News // God of War // By pets_torrefranca // 25 July 2017

Update: Atreus Will Be An Essential Combat Extension Of Kratos In God Of War
Santa Monica Studios has recently unveiled some of the features of the upcoming God Of War. The new features which will push the power of the PS4 were developed to accommodate Kratos' son Atreus who is the latest character added to the game. 
The team from Santa Monica Studios wanted to make Atreus a worthy and effective companion of Kratos rather than just an excess baggage or cinematic showpiece in the game. To do this, the team has created a "Systemic AI" for the new character which can handle different scenarios in both narrative and gameplay. 
"We worked hard on developing his positioning, traversal, progression and combat loops as core systems and not just specific moments of gameplay,"Jeet Shroff Engineering Lead for God of War
Transitioning between narrative and gameplay will be seamless in the upcoming game. The team has developed a gameplay camera system that the player can control and will have "the same sensitivity and sensibility of a documentary camera. The system was developed to promote empathy for the heroes and to create a very immersive experience. 
God of War is about to begin a new era on Sony's latest platform and just like the first three main installments, the game never fails to amaze its audience. The new era based on the game's work in progress is no doubt going to be another epic adventure that will justify the word "God" in the game's title. 
check out the latest gameplay trailer of the game below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.  

"God Of War E3 Gameplay Trailer"

Source: Gamasutra, PlayStation