Update: Dragon Quest XI Details On The Hero Who Is Hunted

News // Dragon Quest XI // By pets_torrefranca // 26 July 2017

Update: Dragon Quest XI Details On The Hero Who Is Hunted
Dragon Quest XI will be launched this Friday and a lot of RPG fans are already itching to get their hands on the eleventh installment of Square Enix's epic installment. So for those who can't wait, Square has released a couple of new information regarding the game's story, game features and much more. 
"Square Enix doesn’t see Dragon Quest XI as a compilation product of the series, but rather, a fresh new start." Siliconera
First off, the theme of the upcoming ARPG is called "The Hero Who is Hunted" which is basically a combination of the game's original concept which was to go back to its roots and a hero's story. This theme is also said to be a new starting point for the series which means even those who have not played any of the Dragon Quest installment will still be able to enjoy this version. 
Dragon Quest XI Screenshot
A brief description was also provided thru an article by Famitsu which states that upon reaching the age of 16, the Hero (player) will find out that he is a reincarnation of someone called "Brave" who was also called as "The Devils Child." This will encourage the main protagonist to go on a journey to ascertain his destiny. 
Dragon Quest XI Screenshot
In Dragon Quest XI, the main protagonist can be removed from the party, there are no plans for a DLC, and will have numerous surprising moments during the story. The PS4 and the 3DS versions both have the same number of treasure chests and shiny items scattered throughout the map but it was also said that there are certain version exclusives which are noticeable in both versions.
Dragon Quest XI is scheduled to launch this Friday, July 29, for the PS4 and the 3DS and will be coming soon to the Nintendo Switch Console. Check out the Gallery below for some of the game's screenshots courtesy of Famitsu together with the prologue video below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Dragon Quest XI Prologue Video"

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