Here Are The Details For The PSVR Titles Confirmed At ChinaJoy

News // PlayStation 4 // VR // By pets_torrefranca // 26 July 2017

Here Are The Details For The PSVR Titles Confirmed At ChinaJoy
Four PSVR Titles were confirmed and showcased in China's biggest Digital Entertainment Expo, ChinaJoy 2017. The upcoming titles took center stage during the event based on the recent post by Sean Kelly in Sony's PlayStation Blog. 
PSVR Confirmed Game Stifled Screenshot 
The four titles featured range from real-time strategy to horror theme which is usually one of the PSVR's more popular genre. The first game called Stifled resembles that of the game called Perception, but what makes Stifled unique is that the player has to create his own sounds by utilizing the PSVR's built-in microphone. 
PSVR Confirmed Game The Walker Screenshot
Next is a fantasy combat game called The Walker wherein the player plays the role as a descendant of the mystical Fangxiang family. The player needs to uncover various spells and charms to overcome the invasion of historic Shanghai from the so-called demonic militia. 
PSVR Confirmed Game Kill X Screenshot
The third title is a claustrophobic thriller called Kill X. The game is set on a secret island inhabited by subjects of human experiments by an organization who aims to uncover the secrets of immortality. The game will feature a variety of powerful weapons and a series of puzzles not to mention the horde of mutants out to get you.
PSVR Confirmed Game Legion Commander Screenshot
And the final game featured is a real-time strategy game called Legion Commander. The game will feature three races consists of humans, orcs, and elves. By selecting a commander for your army and choosing the appropriate units with specialized attributes, the player can go on a head to head combat with an ancient demon. 
Check the trailers below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.       

"Stifled Trailer"

"The Walker Trailer"

"Kill X Trailer"

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