First Look: Upcoming Game Echo Let's The Player Outwit Himself, Literally.

News // Echo // By pets_torrefranca // 31 July 2017

First Look: Upcoming Game Echo Let
A new upcoming Science Fiction game called Echo for the PC and PS4 was recently introduced through a gameplay trailer uploaded by the eight-man ex-IO-Interactive employees Indie Denmark-based studio Ultra Ultra through their official YouTube page. 
Echo Screenshot 1
It's safe to say that Echo is a game of strategy and planning which starts with your very own character called En who upon waking up after a century in a state of Stasis embarks on a journey of discovery towards enlightenment and resurrection. Her curiosity led her to the palace which was built by a long gone civilization and this is where it gets tricky. 
"It is up to you whether you prefer to keep a low profile or if you choose to go head on and deal with the consequences later – One thing is certain, you need to keep your wits about you as you face the ultimate enemy: Yourself." - Ultra Ultra
The palace has a unique AI which creates exact copies of the character to combat its intruder which in this case is the player's character. The copies or "Echoes" however,  can only perform the actions executed by the character with improvements, so if the player decides to shoot an "Echo" it will eventually start to shoot back. 
Echo Screenshot
The twist is that the palace needs to reboot from time to time to update its database on the player's latest behavior which results in a blackout. The palace is typically blind during these blackouts which will give the player an opportunity to execute actions which he himself does not want the palace to know. When the lights turn comes back, each Echo will be updated with the character's actions and behavior prior to the blackout.
Echo Screenshot 2
To sum up the gameplay, Echo is a game which depends entirely on the player's preferences on how to approach and play the game. The game will let the player experience the consequences of his previous actions and decisions making him totally responsible for the outcome of the entire game. Check out the introduction trailer and gameplay trailer below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"Echo Trailer"

"Echo Gameplay Trailer"

Source: Ultra Ultra