The Wolf Rider And The Snob Joins Dragon Quest Heroes II

News // Dragon Quest Heroes II // By pets_torrefranca // 23 March 2017

The Wolf Rider And The Snob Joins Dragon Quest Heroes II
The third batch of heroes for the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes II has just been introduced. Maribel and Ruff(Gabo) who are originally from Dragon Quest VII are the featured characters of the upcoming game's latest trailer. The boomerang wielding Maribel is the daughter of Pilchard Bay's mayor. This snobbish character is equipped with a sharp boomerang and has the ability to stun her enemies with what looks like a sonic wave which she can produce through shouting. She can also summon a huge fireball from the ground as her special attack.
These two characters are said to have been mysteriously transported into the world of Dragon Quest Heroes II. Ruff or Gabo is also a character from Dragon Quest VII. Ruff is originally a white wolf which was transformed into a boy. He rides a black wolf which seems to be his main weapon in inflicting damage and can blow flames from his mouth. He can also summon a stampede of animals which serve as his special ability. 
check out the trailer and gallery below for more information. Stay tuned for more gaming updates. 

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