Capcom Cup Top Contender PGPunk SFV Season 2 Tier List

Guides // Tier List // By pets_torrefranca // 07 August 2017

Capcom Cup Top Contender PGPunk SFV Season 2 Tier List
PG|Punk recently released his SFV Season 2 Tier list and it puts Rashid among all others. This is the first time that Rashid came on top of a tier list. Punk states that the character is "mad cheap" as per his conversation between RayRay in Twitter according to EventHubs who got first hold of the information.
Rashid has been one of the game's solid character after season 2 and has been the main of Zowie's Oil King from Taiwan and Evo 2017 SFV 5th Place winner Moke from Japan. Rashid is considered as a situational and position dependent character, a player needs to get to know the character's moveset and needs to know/analyze and come up with a strategy on when and which situations his offensive/defensive advance needs to be executed.
Check out the tier list below and share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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SFV Tier List by Punk
Top Tier 
Middle Top Tier
Ibuki, Balrog, Zangief, Necalli, Karin, Akuma, Urien, Cammy
Middle Bottom Top Tier
M.Bison, Guile, R.Mika, Dhalsim, Laura,
Bottom Top Tier
Vega, Ken, Birdie, Chun Li, F.A.N.G,    
Middle Tier
Nash, Ed
Bottom Middle Tier
Bottom/Low Tier
Juri, Ken, Alex 

Source: EventHubs, Reddit