Player Feedback, A Big Influence In Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Player Feedback, A Big Influence In Star Wars Battlefront 2
SIEA Social Media Director Sid Shuman recently had a round table discussion with the representatives of the three studios in charge of developing Star Wars Battlefront II. DICE Producer Craig McLeod, Criterion Executive Producer Matt Webster and the Creative Director of the newly formed Motive Studios Mark Thompson discussed some of the factors that make Star Wars Battlefront II EA's most ambitious game to date.
Star Wars Battlefront II was said to have been greatly influenced by the player feedback gathered by the team in relation to the first installment. The addition of space combat, the addition of the three film eras, character progression system is just some of the things the team wants to "Nail" in the upcoming game. 
Star Wars Battlefront II Imperial Special Forces
The plot of the single player campaign was a product of "gameplay necessity" due to the fact that the word Battlefront refers to the soldier in the front lines or a fighter pilot patrolling the skies, hence, the team came up with the concept of an Imperial Special Forces who can perform both tasks. This is also the first time wherein the story is being interpreted in the Imperial's perspective.
Star Wars Battlefront II is really going to be an epic installment in the series. Check out the roundtable discussion below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

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