Fear Effect Reinvented Announced!

News // Fear Effect Reinvented // By pets_torrefranca // 22 August 2017

Fear Effect Reinvented Announced!
A current gen version of the original PlayStation hit Fear Effect was recently announced by Square Enix Collective scheduled to launch in 2018. Fear Effect Reinvented is being developed by Sushee studios who will preserve the classic cel-shaded look of the game.The original game featured puzzles and gunplay wrapped up in a looping full motion video.   
Fear Effect launched in 2000 and was positively received by both gamers and critics alike. The original plot follows the exploits of three mercenaries who were sent on a mission to rescue their employer's daughter who was been chosen as a sacrifice to the "King of Hell". The characters led by Hana must literally walk through a place that resembles hell on earth in order to accomplish their task. Check out the teaser below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Fear Effect Reinvented Teaser"

Source: ForeverEntert, Polygon