First Look: Biomutant Details By THQ Nordic

News // Biomutant // By pets_torrefranca // 24 August 2017

First Look: Biomutant Details By THQ Nordic
THQ Nordic's Biomutant which was said to have been leaked in the last couple of days has been announced during this year's Gamescom and as expected, the game looks gorgeous. Rob Pearson and Holly Bennett from PlayStation Access tagged the game as "Jack and Daxter meet Devil May Cry Meets Horizon Zero Dawn." Both of them got a first look of the game and we have compiled some of the details below.
Biomutant Screenshot 1
First of all, Biomutant is a game about a dying world wherein the only thing that's holding everything together is the "Tree of Life." The player will have a choice to save the Tree of Life or not save it at all. The game has a unique Karma System which makes every choice made by the player during the game will either have a good or bad outcome. 
Biomutant Screenshot 2
The game will also let the player re-code the character's genetic structure which will change not only how the character looks but how he moves as well. A wide arsenal of weapons and gadgets are also available for the player to choose from and the game will feature various vehicles/ mode of transportation in exploring the game's open world. Check out the game's trailer gallery and PlayStation Access' analysis of the game below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Biomutant Video Analysis By PlayStation Access"

"Biomutant Trailer"

Source: PlayStation Access, THQ Nordic