Here Are The Details For Pokken Tournament DX

News // Pokken Tournament DX // By pets_torrefranca // 26 August 2017

Here Are The Details For Pokken Tournament DX
Nintendo recently unveiled new details pertaining to the upcoming Pokken Tournament DX which is the new and improved Nintendo Switch version of the iconic fighting game for the Wii-U. The Switch version packs a lot of new features like avatar customization and new battle modes. 
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Pokken Tournament DX Character Line-Up
Pokken Tournament DX also comes with all playable Pokemon's unlocked from the very start. The game will also feature online battles, practice mode, the Ferrum League which is the game's single player campaign mode, and daily challenges which are a great way for players to earn skill points. 

Pokken Tournament DX Team Battles Screenshot
Online battles are divided into two categories which are "Ranked" and "Friendly" matches where Friendly matches do not affect the player's rank. The game also has a group match feature which will enable players to create and customize their very own mini tournament. The "Team Battle" feature in single player mode will enable players to create a team composed of three Pokemon that he can battle against other players in a "knockour" competition. 
Pokken Tournament DX Avatar Customization Screenshot
Avatar customization can be done in "My Town" page, this will let the players change not only their character's appearance but also its accessories, skin color, facial features and much more. New customization items can be purchased using the in-game currency called Poke Gold which is obtainable by playing through the game's story mode campaign. Check out the latest trailer of the game below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

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