Here Are The Details For Final Fantasy XV Assassin's Festival

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Here Are The Details For Final Fantasy XV Assassin
A collaboration between two of the biggest titles in gaming (Final Fantasy XV and Assassin's Creed) was announced at this year's Gamescom. This fusion is a product of respect and admiration towards each of the development team's work which spawned during last year's Tokyo Game Show. A couple of easter eggs were also included in both Assassin's Creed Origins and Final Fantasy XV's Omen trailer(check images below).  
Assassin's Creed FFXV Collaboration Easter Egg From FFXV's Omen Trailer
The event will start on August 30th wherein players who obtained the Dream Egg from the previous Chocobo Carnival Event will receive an Assassin's Creed outfit called "Master Assassin’s Robe" for Noctis. Then, on August 31, the free Assassin's Festival DLC will go live featuring Assassin's Creed inspired mini-games, gameplay elements, exclusive items like the "Medjay Assassin's Robe" for Final Fantasy XV's main characters. This event will run until January 31, 2018. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"FFXV Assassin's Festival Trailer"

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