Here Are The Skillset Details For SFV's Upcoming Character Menat

Guides // Street Fighter V // By pets_torrefranca // 29 August 2017

Here Are The Skillset Details For SFV
For those who are planning to get "The Eyes of the Future," we have gathered some of the latest details regarding Menat's skillset straight from Capcom. This upcoming new character acquired her fighting skills from her master Rose who's a famous Italian fortune teller. Menat, just like her master, utilizes the energy called Soul Power. The difference is that her techniques are focused on the crystal sphere that she carries around which provides her a slight advantage on both ranged and close range attacks. She can also manipulate this sphere to disrupt and cancel normal attacks.
SFV Menat V-Skill Screenshot
Her V-Skill called Soul Reflect-Kamal produces a Soul Power shockwave attack that can reflect average projectile attacks back to her opponent. Her crystal sphere can also be utilized during this execution which will absorb the incoming projectile which will build-up her V-Gauge. This skill can also be used to extend combos by launching opponents into the air.
SFV Menat V-Trigger Screenshot
Her V-Trigger called The Wisdom of Thoth involves six spheres linked to her normal attacks. These spheres will launch towards her opponent once the corresponding button linked to that normal attack is pressed.
SFV Menat Critical Arts Screenshot
Her Critical Arts called The Nefertem binds her Soul Power with her Crystal Sphere to inflict a huge amount of damage. Altogether, Menat's crystal sphere, when used effectively will make her one of the roster's most effective character.    
Street Fighter V's upcoming character Menat has been getting positive feedback from the FGC ever since her big reveal yesterday. The character's reveal trailer was able to get more than 7k likes in the past 24 hours since upload which is a big improvement compared to the previous month's character Abigail who got more than 8K dislikes and 4K likes.  Menat will go live on August 29 so stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.  

"SFV Menat Reveal Trailer"

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