What Critics Are Saying About Absolver

News // Absolver // By pets_torrefranca // 30 August 2017

What Critics Are Saying About Absolver
SloClap's Absolver was just launched recently for the PC and the PS4. This online multiplayer melee action experience was hailed for its unique gameplay and combat system. The was getting positive feedbacks from critics even before it was launched. The final build was recently unleashed into the digital stores and it currently has an average Metascore of 78/100 from 13 critics and these reviews were done on the PC version of the game. 
"But while the appeal will be apparent to the competitive-minded player, Absolver's pointed focus is complex enough to turn others away. The journey from lowly Prospect to Absolver is arduous and challenging, but it's hardly inviting." - Destructoid review score 7.5
The game uses a different type of combat system wherein the player will need to combine a series of cards to create his very own fighting style. Each player will have his own combat deck where every move is stored. Every time he dodges or blocks an attack that certain move will be added into his combat deck as long as he wins that battle, this will allow him to mix and match different moves and create his very own movesets.
"Defeat is part and parcel of the experience, but your demise always teaches you something new that you can take with you into the next battle--and Absolver's deep, nuanced combat always finds ways of enticing you back for one more fight." -Gamespot review score 8/10
Absolver also offers different types of weapons to choose from. The only downside in using a specific weapon is that it will eventually break or even worse, fall out from your character's grip, picked up by the opponent and used against the player's character. 
"Absolver feels like a (difficult, sometimes frustrating) step into a larger world, and if you can hang with it, it'll leave you hungry for more" - GamesRadar  review score 4.5/5
The developers of the game still have a lot of features planned for the game which will be added on a regular basis. The game will soon be getting 1v1 private matches mode wherein the player can choose a specific opponent regardless of his region. A 3v3 game mode is also in the works together with the Spectator Mode. Check out the game's launch trailer below for more details and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"Absolver Launch Trailer"

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