Momochi Dominates CPT Online Asia Number 4

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 02 September 2017

Momochi Dominates CPT Online Asia Number 4
With three more months before the big Capcom Cup event, Pro-SFV players are rounding up every tournament to bank up on those precious Global points needed to become part of the top 32 qualifiers. 
In relation to this, Capcom Pro Tour's regional online events feature some of the best players in their respective region and Asia's online tournament number 4 has just concluded with Momochi dominating Asia's top fighters. Coming on second place is Mago followed by Haitani on fourth place with EVO Champ Tokido and NL on fifth place and trailing behind is Fuudo and Poongko on sixth place. 
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CPT Asia #4 Top 8
1. FOX|Momochi
2. Mago 
3. CO|Dogura 
4. GRPT|Haitani 
5. FOX|Tokido
5. NL
7. GRPT|Fuudo
7. Poongko

Source: EventHubs