Echo Fox Saint Dominates Tokyo Tekken Masters

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 03 September 2017

Echo Fox Saint Dominates Tokyo Tekken Masters
Echo Fox's Saint has dominated one of Japan's biggest gathering of Tekken players after defeating Chanel in the grand finals of the recently concluded Tokyo Tekken Masters. Saint has fought his way to victory and has proven to victorious against some of the best Tekken players in the planet. 
Other winners include Qudans in third place followed by LowHigh on fourth place, Dimeback, and Noroma on fifth place with Take and Recruit in seventh place.  This has been one the third Tekken Master Tournament event of the Tekken World Tour. Check out the Top 8 finals below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.  

"Tokyo Tekken Masters Top 8"


Tokyo Tekken Masters Top 8
1. FOX|Saint (JACK-7)
2. Chanel (Alisa, Eliza, Akuma)
3. Qudans (Devil Jin)
4. LowHigh (Shaheen, Lars, Bryan)
5. Dimeback (Asuka)
5. Noroma (JACK-7)
7. Yamasa|Take (Kazumi)
7. Recruit (Asuka)


Source: Fight Video Game