Watch: 25 Minutes of Biomutant From PAX 2017

News // Biomutant // By pets_torrefranca // 03 September 2017

Watch: 25 Minutes of Biomutant From PAX 2017
The open world Kung-Fu fable ARPG from THQ Nordic called Biomutant has been one of the surprises which were announced during the recently concluded Gamescom 2017 last month. We were treated to a brief gameplay and cinematic showcase of the game during the event. This time, IGN has got a hold of the game straight from PAX 2017 complete with 25 minutes worth of game footage of the upcoming game's Alpha Build. 
The gameplay shows the first part of the game including the quests and the introduction which by the way, transitions real time with the help of a soothing voice over who will walk you through the different customization options in the game. Check out the gameplay footage below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

" IGN's 25 Minutes Gameplay of Biomutant From Pax 2017" 

Source: IGN