Two Of The Greatest Fighting Game Players Joins The Fight!

Tournament // News // By pets_torrefranca // 04 September 2017

Two Of The Greatest Fighting Game Players Joins The Fight!
As our tournament goes near, we are proud to introduce some of the world class players who will be joining this year's tournament. Each week we will be unveiling some of the prominent players who are up to the challenge in this year's event. 
First up we have one of South Korea's Top Tekken player Knee who was recently signed up by one of S. Korea's biggest eSports Club Rox Gaming. Knee is considered to be one of The world famed Tekken Gods. Knee has been making a comeback for this year and has been winning some of the tournaments all over the planet. Prepare to face this Tekken legend in the upcoming OUG Tournament.
Next, We have the 2017 EVO King of Fighters XIV champion Chia-Hung "E.T." Lin of Taiwan. This player has shown great skills during this year's KOF XIV Tournament in EVO by beating China's "XiaoHai" after recovering from a devastating 2-0 victory using his last remaining character. 
So Are you up to the challenge? and face two of the best Fighting game players on the Planet? but we're not done yet, Stay tuned next week as we will be revealing another bath of international fighters who will be partici[pating in this year's tournament.  What are you waiting for? sign-up and register through this LINKmingle and have some fun with some of the greatest fighters on the planet. 

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