Watch: 17 Minutes of Code Vein Gameplay

News // Code Vein // By pets_torrefranca // 07 September 2017

Watch: 17 Minutes of Code Vein Gameplay
A brand new gameplay footage for Bandai Namco's upcoming Action RPG Code Vein has been uploaded by IGN. The 17-minute footage was taken from an early build which was designed specifically to demonstrate how the gameplay works and does not contain spoilers. 
Code Vein Gameplay Screenshot
The early build was played by one of IGN's editors and you will notice that even from this early build, the game looks amazing already. The characters are well detailed and you can see the game's resemblance to Dark Souls' game mechanics all through out the demo. The video presented belo3w showcased the game's main protagonist who is accompanied by an AI co-op companion. AI companions have specific traits and in the video below, the protagonist's companion has the ability to resurrect him every time he's KO'd. Check out the rest of this amazing gameplay below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.  

"17 Minutes of Code Vein Gameplay"

Source: IGN