Why Fans Should Be Excited About Shenmue 3

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Why Fans Should Be Excited About Shenmue 3
The first teaser for Yu Suzuki's next entry to his epic Shenmue series was launched a couple of weeks ago. The teaser gave the Shenmue community a sneak peek of the upcoming game's features and characters, although not all of them are happy about the visuals of the game, Yu Suzuki in an interview with Eurogamer, is confident that the game is in good hands and is going to be better and larger than his previous projects. 
"We're able to scale up based on the original plan. I'm fully ready to make the game with a larger scale featuring open world elements." Yu Suzuki speaking to Eurogamer
The first teaser shown was an early build and it was a mash-up of certain elements of the game which ranges from its characters up to the details of its environments which looked amazing for an early build. The character animation and appearance, however, is not that great but this is common for early builds. 
"although we had a lot of success on Kickstarter, when we started the project we soon realized it would be very difficult to make an open world game with that budget." 
Shenmue 3 began as a crowdfunding project but when it reached its goals, the team realized that the budget is not on par with the scale of the project. Yu and his team looked for another partner who can provide them with the necessary funding and this is where Deep Silver Came in. This is why fans should be excited with Shenmue 3, Deep Silver was able to provide the necessary funding which will transform what used to be a game driven by stretch goals into a full blown large scale project, not to mention Sega and Sony's support.
"Shenmue 3 will adopt a more modern approach that allows players to explore interior and exterior locations seamlessly with just a single lengthier loading screen when starting up the game." - Eurogamer 
So to sum up everything, it's safe to say that Shenmue 3 is in really good hands. The vision of Yu Suzuki and the Shenmue team are now in the right place and is currently in high gear in terms of development progress. It's also safe to say that the first teaser is but a taste or a sample of what to expect in terms of details. Shenmue 3's next teaser or trailer may prove how epic the upcoming game will be, and this is something fans of the series should look out for. 
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"Shenmue 3 First Teaser"

Source: Eurogamer