Why Mario Rabbids Kingdom Is One Of The Most Beautiful Game On The Switch To Date

News // Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle // By pets_torrefranca // 10 September 2017

Why Mario  Rabbids Kingdom Is One Of The Most Beautiful Game On The Switch To Date
The recently launched Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is simply "one of the most beautiful Switch titles money can buy" according to the experts from Digital Foundry who recently did an in-depth analysis of this wacky clash of some of the most iconic characters. Digital Foundry's analysts are known for their expertise, and high-standards when it comes to their analysis making them one tough team to impress which Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle did. 
"Switch + Snowdrop makes for a surprisingly effective blend, the engine, and the Art design work in tandem to deliver a highly cohesive vision... It's fair to say that no other western studio has managed to so perfectly capture the visual essence that is Mario" - Digital Foundry
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is powered by Massive Studio's Snowdrop engine which is the engine developed to power Tom Clancy's The Division. There's no doubt that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle looks amazing, Ubisoft did not only produced one of the most unique and beautiful version of Mario for the Switch console, they also proved that the Snowdrop engine has a lot of untapped potentials which could possibly become one of the company's greatest asset in the future. Check out the video analysis below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.     

"Mario + Rabbids Tech Analysis by Digital Foundry "

Source: Digital Foundry