Game Modes Featured In Latest Tekken 7 Video

News // Tekken 7 // By pets_torrefranca // 27 April 2017

Game Modes Featured In Latest Tekken 7 Video
A new trailer was recently uploaded by Bandai Namco for the much-anticipated Tekken 7. The video showcased the game's battle system which is made up of Rage Arts, Power Crash, Slow Motion, and much more. Clips from The Mishima Saga which is the main story mode and the separate character episode modes. The online mode which will feature ranked matches and the offline mode which will feature both arcade and training mode to name a few. 
Tekken 7 is also big on character customization that will feature tons of customization items. The gallery mode which from the looks of it contains all CG movies throughout the series. Screens for Jukebox mode menu were also shown. And the usual Eliza pre-order was featured at the end of the trailer. 
Check out the gallery below for more information about the modes and stay tuned for more gaming updates. 

"Tekken 7 Game Modes Trailer"

Source: TekkenChannel