Here Are The Results For Last Weekend's CPT Events

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 11 September 2017

Here Are The Results For Last Weekend
Three Capcom Pro Tour ranking events in three countries (Philippines, UAE, and Canada) were held last weekend, featuring some of the world's most iconic Street Fighter V  players. For those who somehow missed the action, here are the results round-up for last weekend's tournaments (Manila Cup, Geek Weekend, and Dreamhack Montreal). 
First, let's take a look at Manila Cup 2017 where Infiltration bags his first win in Capcom Pro Tour 2017. Infiltration together with his character Juri claimed victory after surviving a clash of Rashid characters from ZW|OilKing, Ponos|Moke, and Gachikun. Could this be the start of Infiltration's big comeback?! we'll just have to wait and see.
Next, we have NASR|Big Bird successfully defending his home turf after defeating BX3|Phenom during the Geek Weekend 2017 grand finals. This is also his first win in this year's CPT earning a total of 160 global points placing him in CPT's top 20 ranking. 
And finally, we have Dream Hack Montreal which was dominated by last year's Capcom Cup Champion. Liquid|NuckleDu secured his third CPT victory for this season after successfully defeating Justin Wong twice during the winner's finals and in the grand finals. 
Check out the top 8 finals for the tournaments below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.    

"Manila Cup 2017 Top 8"


Manila Cup Top 8
1. RZR|Infiltration
2. Gachikun
3. Ponos|Moke
4. ZW|OilKing 
5. FOX|Momochi
5. GFuel|Verloren
7. Mago
7. Talon|Xiaobao 


"Geek Weekend Top 8"


Geek Weekend Top 8
1. NASR|Big Bird
2. BX3|Phenom
3. HS|AngryBird
4. HS|Horsemask
5. F-Word
5. Za'abi
7. Fruit
7. UM|Tyrant


"Dreamhack Montreal Top 8"


Dreamhack Montreal Top 8
1. Liquid|NuckleDu
2. FOX|Justin Wong
3. EG|K-Brad 
4. AW|Nemo
5. SPY|Filipino Champ
5. L.E.S 
7. John Takeuchi
7. STDx|Sin


Source: SF5 RBK, Team Spooky, Capcom Pro Tour