A First Look At The Weapons Of Code Vein

News // Code Vein // By pets_torrefranca // 16 September 2017

A First Look At The Weapons Of Code Vein
Weapons play a main part in ARPG games as these together with the player's skills can determine the outcome of each encounter. The latest episode of "IGN First" provides an overview of the various weapon types in Code Vein as discussed by the game's Action Director Yuichi Oda.
A total of five melee weapon types will be featured in the upcoming game, the one-handed sword for balanced combat, two-handed sword for ranged combat, the halberd for large sweeping attacks, the two-handed hammer for powerful blunt attacks, and the bayonet for both long range and short range attacks. The weapons can be mixed and match depending on the player's preferences, they are also upgradable, and will not break or deteriorate.  These weapons are interchangeable at any time except for the player's AI companion who will have a specific type of weapon assigned to him/her. The player can also play through the entire game with a single type of weapon since the player will have a companion who is assigned to a specific type of weapon who can provide support and balance to the player's character. 
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"The Weapons Of Code Vein IGN First" 

Source: IGN