Nioh DLC Dragon Of The North Introduces Masamune On May 2!

News // Nioh // By pets_torrefranca // 28 April 2017

Nioh DLC Dragon Of The North Introduces Masamune On May 2!
Story details of the first Nioh DLC have been shared by Team Ninja's creative director Tom Lee thru PlayStation blog. The DLC will be available on May 2 and will focus on a new antagonist lord Masamune Date, one of Japan's most iconic historical figure. Masamune is described as a ruthless and brilliant ruler, he's also known as the "one-eyed dragon" in the Oshu region. 
The story of Dragon of the North begins right after William's victorious campaign in restoring peace throughout Japan which is now being plagued by rumors of spirit stones are secretly being collected by the one-eyed dragon who seems to have a sinister plan designed to promote unrest and chaos throughout the country. 
Dragon of the North will feature new stages complete with new  Yokai's and enemies. New equipment and guardian spirits, armor, magic, ninja skills will also be available on the player's side. The Samurai version of the European Longsword or the Scottish Claymore called Odachi will also be available together with the new PlayStation Plus required PvP mode. 
Check out the gallery below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming updates

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