The Award-Winning VR Game Raw Data Comes To PSVR

News // Raw Data // By pets_torrefranca // 23 September 2017

The Award-Winning VR Game Raw Data Comes To PSVR
The critically-acclaimed VR game by Survios called Raw Data is coming to the PSVR. Ever since the game launched last July 15, 2016, thru Steam's Early Access program, the game has been collecting nothing but accolades and positive feedback from the community. The game was also acknowledged as one of the best VR games during E3 2016 and has managed to grab the Awesome Hardware Mover Award and Technical Achievement Award. 
Raw Data Screenshot
Raw Data follows the exploits of the elite operatives of a group called SyndiK8 in the year 2271. Their mission is to infiltrate and download as much raw data as possible from the world's biggest company called EDEN Corp and expose its sinister plans hidden behind its humanitarian facade.
Raw Data Android Image 
The game features four heroes named Bishop, Saija, Boss, and Elder. These heroes are equipped with different abilities classified as "Special"and "Ultimates." The enemies in the game comes in a wide range of synthetic androids which is basically the main product of EDEN Corp. Check out the teaser below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.     

"Raw Data PSVR Trailer"

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