Team Echo Fox Dominates Another Masters For TWT

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 25 September 2017

Team Echo Fox Dominates Another Masters For TWT
The Tekken Dou of Echo Fox has Dominated another Tekken Masters event for Tekken World Tour in Anaheim California. With JDCR taking the top spot and Saint on second.  Both top Korean players have been dominating the Tekken scene in this year's Tekken tournament season.
JDCR climbed from the losers bracket and was fortunate to won the first set due to a controller mishap by Saint forcing the latter to forfeit the game with JDCR winning on a 3-1 score leading to a reset. JDCR finally wins the second set with a 3-0 score. Other notable winners include Jeondding on third, JimmyJTran on fourth, JoeyFury and Rickstah on 5th, SperoGin and Binchang on 7th. Check out the top 8 finals below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"SoCal Regionals Top 8 Tekken Finals"


SoCal Regionals Top 8
2. FOX|Saint
3. /r/Kappa|Jeondding
4. NCSS|JimmyJTran
5. Circa|JoeyFury
5. Rickstah
7. Xcel|SperoGin
7. Binchang


Source: DarkNite