FChamp Wins First MVCI Event, Yukadon Wins Second CPT Premier AT SCR 2017

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 25 September 2017

FChamp Wins First MVCI Event, Yukadon Wins Second CPT Premier AT SCR 2017
It has been a long weekend at Anaheim, California for Capcom with the CPT Premier and the first MVCI Battle for the Stones at SoCal Regionals 2017. FChamp climbed his way back from the losers bracket facing Sactap in the finals. FChamp managed to get a bracket reset on the first set with a 3-0 victory with his Ultron/Dormammu tandem beating Sacktap's Nemesis/Haggar Dou. FChamp finally wins the entire event on a 3-1 score using the same set of characters forcing Sacktap to change mains from Nemesis/Haggar to Arthur/Thanos which was too late. 
Youdeal's Youkadon, on the other hand, won his second CPT Premier Tour after beating NL who climbed from the losers bracket on a 3-1 score without giving him a chance to reset the bracket. Other winners include JB on third, Menard on fourth, Smug and Verloren on fifth, and JaviRog with Commander Jesse on seventh. Check out the top 8 finals of both tournaments below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"MVCI Battle For The Stones Top 8 Finals"


MVCI Battle For The Stones Top 8
1. SPY|Filipino Champ 
2. Sacktap
3. Taekua
4. Richard Nguyen
5. Jibrill 
5. PG|Coach Steve 
7. FORT|Cloud805
7. Rise|Marn


"SFV Top 8 Finals"


SFV Top 8
1. YouDeal|Yukadon
2. DR|NL
3. SB|JB
4. Rise|MenaRD
5. Rise|Smug
5. GFuel|Verloren
7. CKD|JaviRog
7. Commander Jesse


Source: SF5 RBK