GT Sport Beta Coming Next Week!

News // Gran Turismo Sport // By pets_torrefranca // 04 October 2017

GT Sport Beta Coming Next Week!
Rev up your engines and allocate some space next week as the much awaited GT Sport 4-day beta will be coming to the PS4 next week. The limited beta will be available via the PlayStation Store from October 9 6:00 PM PT to October 12 8:00 AM PT. 
GT Sport Beta Screenshot
The beta will contain Sport, Campaign, Arcade, and Scapes mode. Sport mode will have a qualifying session before each race which will become the basis of grouping up players with similar performance abilities. Campaign mode, on the other hand, will consist of various challenges, missions, and experiences that will help each player improve their driving skills. Completing the various challenges will award players with in-game currencies, vehicle unlocks, and experience points. 
GT Sport Beta Screenshot 2
Arcade mode as the name suggests gives a quick access to racing and will feature numerous vehicle classes on three pre-selected circuits. And finally the Scapes mode is an advanced type of photo mode that will contain information on all the light energy on the captured scene, a Livery Editor is also included in the demo which will serve as the customization section that will enable players to apply several logo and color designs to their selected vehicles. So don't miss this event to test drive your chosen vehicles in one of the most anticipated racing sim of the year. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.    

Source: PlayStation Blog