Mr Napss Thoughts on Tekken 7

Guides // Tier List // By pets_torrefranca // 31 December 2015

Mr Napss Thoughts on Tekken 7

Jimmy Tran AKA ‘Mr. Naps’ was one of the players who qualified from the US to compete in the King of Iron Fist Tournament, that took place in Japan earlier this December. Anyone familiar with the competitive Tekken scene will recognize Mr. Naps as one of the best Tekken players in the world right now, often referred to as ‘The Oracle’ in his homeland, owing to his vast knowledge about Tekken and fighting games in general.

Mr. Naps has had quite a bit of time with Tekken 7 by now in Japan and he recently shared some of his thoughts regarding the current build of the game on twitter.

One of the things he brings up is the Side Step and Side Walk in Tekken 7. This feature has been an integral part of playing the game effectively for a while and there was a lot of speculation that SS had been nerfed in Tekken 7. Many top level players however from Korea and Japan have mentioned though that it hasn’t been downgraded as much as people think it has. Mr. Naps included, who states that SS into block did seem weaker but still quite viable.

He goes on to share that you need to ‘trust’ the changes made to the feature, else it limits your gameplay.

He also doesn’t seem overly impressed with the games current online functionality, saying that “it kinda sucks” at 4 bars.

Furthermore, Mr. Naps also shares what he thinks is the current Tekken 7 tier list (shared via Kuro Kuro's tweet).

S. Shaheen

A+. Devil Kazuya, Jin, Feng

A. Dragunov, Josie, Claudio

A-. King, Law, Hwoarang, Bryan, Lars, Ling

B+. Paul, Steve, Leo, Lili, Kazumi, Heihachi, Alisa, Katarina

B. Asuka, Yoshi, Jack

B-. Gigas, Chloe

It seems almost unanimous that Shaheen is the best character in the game right now with Mr. Naps and other players placing him at S Rank.

It’s always important to keep in mind that this is not the final version of the game, and we will be seeing the ‘Fated Retribution’ expansion of the game released in arcades next year. When the expansion releases, it’s entirely possible to see a lot of shifts within the tier lists. So if your character currently has a low placement on tier lists, you could expect to see them move up a notch in the next version of the game.

Check out his Twitter page to read his responses to questions people have submitted regarding Tekken 7.

Source: Jimmy Tran Twitter