Stones Unturned Mafia 3 DLC Details

News // Mafia III // By pets_torrefranca // 07 May 2017

Stones Unturned Mafia 3 DLC Details
The next Mafia 3 DLC was finally announced, this time, Lincoln will be fighting side by side with his Vietnam handler Donovan. The two characters are on a mission to hunt and eliminate Connor Aldridge and his army.
The new DLC will feature a new sniper support option and a new turret mounted vehicle. New mission types will also be introduced through Donovan's friend who will be giving out Bounty Hunting missions. It will also feature new weapons such as the Dart Gun. Stones unturned is the second DLC for the Mafia 3 game and will go live on May 30. 
Check out the latest feature video for the DLC and stay tuned for more gaming updates. 

Stay tuned for more gaming updates.

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