Injustice 2 Everything You Need To Know, Tells You Exactly That

News // Injustice 2 // By pets_torrefranca // 09 May 2017

Injustice 2 Everything You Need To Know, Tells You Exactly That
Injustice 2's latest trailer gives the ultimate overview thru a 5-minute video trailer. The trailer provides a bird's eye view of the games entire system which ranges from its characters, story, gear system, gameplay, guilds, and much more. 
Looking at Injustice 2 thru this video gives an impression of total player control, which more likely is what the developers were aiming for when they introduced the Gear system into the game. This system is ingeniously infused into the game's core architecture that it makes every milestone, defeat, victory, and achievement more effective thru its reward system which supports each game mode and even the mobile version of the game. 
capture of ladder system 
The Multiverse and the Guild system were also emphasized in the video as two of the most challenging and exciting feature of the game.Playing through the Multiverse will give players the ability to accomplish challenges in exchange for unique gears, its challenges follow a hierarchy ladder that gets more and more difficult with each progression. The Guild feature, on the other hand, is one way to prove that your crew can dominate the entire leaderboard and is also one of the fastest ways to gain experience faster. 
Check out the trailer and the gallery below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming updates.

"Injustice 2 Everything You Need To Know"

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