Wild West Online Leak Mistaken For Red Dead Redemption 2?!

News // Red Dead Redemption 2 // Wild West Online // By pets_torrefranca // 12 May 2017

Wild West Online Leak Mistaken For Red Dead Redemption 2?!
What was thought of as a Red Dead Redemption 2 image leak yesterday turned out to be an online Red Dead Redemption inspired MMO called Wild West Online. The game is said to have been inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer, the difference is that Wild West Online is pure MMO, meaning, the game won't have those routine quest/missions which are common in open-world games. 
The game will be developed by a new studio called 612 games. The studio is a mixture of artists and developers whose experience range from AAA titles such as Crysis and League of Legends. The concept was said to have spawned out of the absence of a proper Red Dead Redemption port for the PC. 
The game will feature a law system wherein 
"Players who commit crimes in town will earn wanted stars and, at a certain threshold, become targets for player deputies or bounty hunters. There's a gang system woven into this as well, which could hopefully give rise to some interesting rivalries between different bandit or bounty hunter posses," as per PCGamer. 
In addition to that, the player can also be exiled/banished from towns and be treated as an outlaw whose only means of shelter or sanctuary will be within the bandit camps together with other lawbreakers. The game will be heading to Kickstarter by the end of the month with a $250,000 goal, the game also has a dedicated website which is currently in countdown mode for the next information reveal that will take place 13 days (as of writing) from now. 
Check out the gallery below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming updates.

Source: PCGamer , WWO