Update: Prey Climbs On Top Of UK Sales On Week 2

News // Prey // By pets_torrefranca // 15 May 2017

Update: Prey Climbs On Top Of UK Sales On Week 2
The recent UK chart reveals that Prey which failed to topple Mario Kart 8 Deluxe last week has eventually took made it to the top sending the competition down to the number 3 spot with the four-year-old Grand Theft Auto V in between. 
This occurrence has been predicted by some of the industry's experts and in one way or another blamed Bethesda's Review Policy for the game's weak launch. It was also said that the sales will get better once reviews start pouring in which was a head-on prediction. Prey received a favorable Metascore of 80 from 49 critics and a 7.9 user score for the PlayStation 4. For the PC, the game got also received a Metascore of 80 from 21 critics and an 8.0 user score. The Xbox One version got an impressive 86 from 15 critics and an 8.0 user score. 
"Arkane has the confidence to let Prey end on its own terms, even if it occasionally leans too heavily on its least interesting aspects. When it looks most like a shooter, Prey is merely competent." -Polygon
Even though the game has an issue regarding its long loading time and latency for the console version, Prey is a fairly decent game.  This reboot of the critically acclaimed 2006 game still gives justice to the title. 
Check out Prey's launch trailer below and stay tuned for the latest in gaming news.   

"Prey Launch Trailer"

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