Street Fighter V Season 2 Tier List Update

Guides // Tier List // By pets_torrefranca // 06 April 2017

Street Fighter V Season 2 Tier List Update

The Season 2 balanced updates went live on February 28 this year and FChamp released his own version of the Tier List for SF5 Season 2 (see image below), This list is composed of three type of tiers with the characters lined up in no particular order. Fchamp's tier list shows a balanced distribution of characters.  Despite this improvements, players who mains Nash are still looking for answers in regards to what was considered as "over-nerfing" the character.  The February  28 update contained some buffs for the character. Nash has been one of the favorites in SFV. The character has been nerfed so much in season 2 that some fans were actually disappointed. But according to VesperArcade, a lot of buffs will be coming to the character on the April update and contrary to some beliefs, Nash is now in a way better spot right now and he also added that one of the reasons for the Nerfs could be that they want nash to be his own character, different from Guile.  

"Sf5 S2 Tier list"

Tier S: Balrog, Urien, Ibuki, Cammy, Laura, Guile

Tier A: Karin, Necalli, Rashid, R. Mika, Akuma, M. Bison, Zangief, Birdie, Dhalsim, Ken, Chun-Li

Tier B: Juri, F.A.N.G.  Nash, Vega, Alex, Ryu

The tier lists that we are presenting in this article are in our own opinion, are some of the most accurate lists during the time they were presented. The purpose of this presentation is for data comparison only. 

VesperArcade came up with a two-part video presentation dedicated to their version of SFV's Tier List. The Tier List shows that the game was not balanced and there's  inconsistency within the character hierarchy.

Two months after the game's first big update on September 22, 2016,  Ultra David analyzed the changes and released his own Tier List on November 21, 2016. Comparing it to the one by Vesper, the balanced changes creates a ripple effect on the existing roster of characters. The character that was greatly affected by this update was Nash, the character was nerfed up to the point that some players refer to him as useless. Vega was also dragged down from Tier S to Tier B, while Cammy and R.Mika were buffed up to Tier S. 

The performance of Street Fighter V in 2016, was a disappointment, not only to the fighting game community but to Capcom as well. The game was plagued with Bugs and glitches which contributed to its poor sales. But just like the game's catchphrase "Rise Up," Capcom did what was necessary to secure the future of this epic franchise.

Source: FChamp