Daigo's Guile Performs Seppuku?! CPT BAM 9 Top 5 Moments

Tournament // Videos // By pets_torrefranca // 16 May 2017

Capcom Fighters recently uploaded the Top 5 Moments of Capcom Pro Tour's BAM 9 (Battle Arena Melbourne 9) premier event. The video starts off with Daigo's character Guile cornered by Dogura who mains Urien during the final round of their match. Daigo seems to have performed Seppuku on his character since he got nowhere else to go or he may have executed a very bad move, either way, the clip was hilarious you can see Bonchan, Tokido and Mago laughing their hearts out in the background. 
The next clips show great comebacks by Bonchan, Tokido, Xian, Verloren and on top of the list was the intense battle between Bonchan and Verloren during the grand finals which ended up Bonchan winning CPT premier event with Nash. 
Check out the video below for more information and stay tuned for more of the latest gaming news.     

"Capcom Fighter's BAM 9 Top 5 Moments"

Source: CapcomFighters